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With the aim to implement the vision of the constitution to promote equality, prosperity and social justice; and commitment made by the state at international level regarding gender equality and social inclusion - in coordination with the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens -Gender Focal Person have been designated at different ministries, divisions and offices in Province 1. Gender Focal Person has specific GESI mainstreaming roles and responsibilities as per the approved Term of Reference. In order to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities, as well as to develop GESI responsive policy, plan, budget and program, it is necessary to adopt GESI mainstreaming as an important strategy. Understanding the need to build capacity of Gender Focal Person on GESI mainstreaming and GRB, two days orientation of GESI mainstreaming and GRB has been conducted.


Two-day orientation on “GESI Mainstreaming and Gender Responsive Budgeting” conducted from December 11 to 12, in Biratnagar. The orientation was organized by Provincial Training Center, Jhapa ensuring participation of 20 participants Gender Focal Persons and other officials of provincial Government, 11 female and 9 male. Among them 12 are Brahmin/Chhetri, 4 are janajati and other 4 are from Madhesi community. Jeevan Ghimire, Honorable Minister for Social Development Ministry of Provincial Government inaugurated the event.

Detailed report is attached herewith and related pictures is available at: https://plgsp.gov.np/node/162

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