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A two days technical training and orientation on website content management has been provided to officials of provincial government entities under province 1 on 28-29 December 2020 at Biratnagar, Morang. The orientation program was conducted as per the planned activities of PASIP in coordination with OCMCM.

A total of 20 participants from various ministries and offices under province 1 participated in the training program. Purpose of the training was to provide a general overview of website development, relevant acts and policies, technical details of their respective websites and hands-on training on operation of website content management especially WordPress and Drupal.

Since in province 1 there are 6 Ministries using Drupal CMS which was supported by LGCDP-II and rest of 7 ministries and offices uses WordPress CMS. The overall objectives of the training were to build the capacity of staffs on handling CMS and update their respective websites.

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