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GESI Focal Person Meeting of Provincial Ministries/Offices conducted in Lumbini Province
Date: 2nd March 2021
Venue: OCMCM, Lumbini Province

Provincial Ministries/Offices' GESI focal person meeting was organized at Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers (OCMCM) on 2nd March 2021. The main objective of the meeting was to proceed the OCMCM/PLGSP, PASIP-Activity 5.1: GESI mainstreaming in province government including GESI policy and implementation guideline development and GESI audit. In the meeting a total ten participants form seven provincial ministries/offices including OCMCM of Lumbini province were participated. Secretary/PPD; Mr. Narayan Prasad Sharma Duwadi, OCMCM, Under Secretory (Tenth level)/PPM Mr. Suresh Chandra Acharaya, Mrs. Dharma Aryal Belbase Under Secretory, MOIAP, Mrs Sharada Bashyal Division Chief MoSD, Mr. Dhruba Dhimal MoPID, Mr. Purushottam Paudel Officer 7th level Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Cooperatives, Mr. Narayan Aryal Officer 7th OCMCM, Mrs. Anita Khanal; Legal Officer, MoIAL, Mr. Ramesh Gautam Under Secretory, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, Mr. Subas Yadav; Governance cum Legal Expert/Team Leader, OCMCM/PLGSP/PPIU, Mr. Raj Kumar Paudel; Monitoring and Reporting Expert, OCMCM/PLGSP/PPIU. 

Mr. Suresh Chandra Acharaya welcomed the participants and briefed about the meeting and requesting to introduction of participants. Mr. Subas Yadav has briefed about the activity related GESI in current fiscal year and the scope for jointly implementation. Participants were committed to provide required support to the program and agreed that it is the cross-cutting issues and concern to the all office. Some participants requested to conduct small orientation program on GESI for familiarizing the subject matter. Similarly, the meeting has decided that GESI focal persons has to work as task force for the implementation of this activity and identified a few potential action steps too.

Finally, Secretory/PPD; Mr. Narayan Prasad Sharma Duwadi contributed his closing remarks to the meeting with few action steps-Annex-1. At the end of the meeting Mr. Duwadi thanked the participants for their active participation.

Annex-1: Action Steps

  • Concept note and ToR of GESI audit must to send Gender Focal Persons (GFP)/GESI Focal Persons along with a final Draft GESI audit guideline (received from federal government/MoFAGA).
  • Regarding the GESI mainstreaming guideline development, change the name of sub-activity and have to cover widely as name "Provincial Level GESI Policy and Implementation Guideline" focusing inclusion under Gender Equality, needed revision in concept note and ToR
  • Finalize a concept note and ToR in close consultation with GESI focal person.
  • Mobilize consultant for GESI audit and GESI Policy and Implementation Guideline development. 
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