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Orientation Program on Budget formulation, PLMBIS and CGAS

PLGSP, PPIU, Lumbini Province, Butwal

Date: March 3, 2021

Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Provincial and Local Governance Support Programme, Provincial Programme Implementation Unit (PPIU), Lumbini Province organized one day orientation program on Provincial and Line Ministries budget information system (PLMBIS) and Computerized Government Account System (CGAS). There were 40 participants; among which 6 women 34 men 2 Dalit 4 Janjati 2 Madhesi and 32 Bhamain/Chhetri. Participants were represented from respective sections of Provincial Ministries and Offices. Basically, programme was focused on the provisions in the fiscal procedures and financial responsibility act 2076, budget formulation process and procedures, PLMBIS system setup, creation of User ID and password and Budget Ceiling, Project information set up, Proposed budget preparation, budget revision, different reports generation, inter link between PLMBIS & TSA, TSA & CGAS.  Also delivered on activity and components, forward and backward system in the PLMBIS.

The programme was chaired by Mr. Narayan Prasad Sharma Duwadi, Secretary, OCMCM and chief guest was Mr. Bharat Mani Subedi Principal Secretary of OCMCM, Dr Khagendra Prasad Subedi, Mr Rajendra Thapa, Secretary. Mr. Suresh Chandra Acharya, PPM, PLGSP presented on the PLGSP's program objectives, outputs and outcome. He details presented on the P-ASIP activities and focused on the PFM activities and sub activities. Meaningful remarks were made by Mr. Narayan Prasad Sharma Duwadi, Secretary and PPD of PLGSP. The principal secretary put closing remarks and concluded the inauguration session.

The orientation programme was facilitated by Mr Deepak Gyawali, Province Account controller on detail provisions in the fiscal procedures and financial responsibility act 2076. Resource persons Mr. Nabin Shrestha, Account controller, Province treasury comptroller and Mr. Sumit Kumar Agrahari, Computer officer from Ministry of Economic affairs and planning facilitated sessions regarding fundamental of PLMBIS, CGAS and technical aspects in term of budget entry, transfiguring and others

The Program concluded with collecting feedback from participants.

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