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Planning and budgeting training for LGs

The planning and budgeting is the continuous process of three layers governments. The local levels had been operated 14 steps planning process before formed new federal. On the basis of constitution of Nepal, the state structure transferred into three layers. We have adopted the 7 steps planning process after became democracy.  we have been practicing the 7 steps planning process. The LGs are trying to adjust the needed and expectation of those people who are actual targeted. However, the project did not have been covered the actual needs of vulnerable people that’s why the economic prosperity is far from us which is the dream of the government. Therefore, this training has been organized to train and orient about planning and budgeting on the basis of revised process and system.

 The Province Training Center, Kalwalguri, Jhapa simultaneously planed for two shifts planning and budgeting training in Itahari. The activities is in output 14 (14.1.3), the details of the training is as following.

Objectives of training:

  • To develop the common understanding regarding planning process,
  • Discussion and focused on cross cutting issues which is mandatory provision during planning and budgeting,
  • To provide the clear message to all LGs that the SDG localization is very important for all layers of government for economic prosperity.
  • Develop the common understanding on how to make annual plan on the basis of periodic plan.
  • To make forum for share best practice and experience among participants so that they can replicate.


Participants of training: Budgeting and planning formulation committee coordinator or member and planning unit chief of Palikas.

Training Venue: Maa Kamakhya, hotel Triyuga, Itahari, Sunsari.

Remarks of Director of Province Training Center, Kalwalguri, Jhapa during opening session:

Chairperson of opening session Mr. Ganesh Prasad Timsina : "Without having a better  planned we could not achieve desirable goals. As you knew that before started each task we should have planned with required budget. Currently we have been planning for coming fiscal year so the training would be useful for us to prepare the effective plan. You have various experience regarding budgeting and planning even though we could not achieve the goals as we planned during previous plan. Thus, I wish you all that this training will full filled your most of expectations."

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