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To achieve the result of outcome 3 and output 14 (LG elected representatives and civil servants are empower and trained for delivering high quality service), Provincial Training Center, Province 1, Kalwalguri Jhapa under the project “Provincial and Local Government Support Programme (PLGSP) conducted 2 days residential training entitled "Local Level Planning process training " in Kalwalguri Jhapa from 19 April to 20 April, 2021.

Total 36 LGs representatives and officials are invited from 20 LGs under 4 districts (Ilam, Jhapa, Sunsari and Morang).  Out of 36, total 20 participants including elected representatives and government officials from various rural municipalities like Jhapa, Sunsari and Morang and Sunsari district were participated.  The training has planned as residential.  Participants were facilitated on different sessions related on Planning and Budgeting subject matter, considerations of definition and kinds of planning, current planning practices of LGs, basis of prioritization of project/needs and its methods including guidelines, steps and process of planning etc. The training was facilitated by experienced trainers on local level planning process with local governance Mr. Dilip Kumar Chapagai and deputy director of Province Training Center Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and Capacity Development Expert Balram Sharma facilitate the training.

The objective of this training is to achieve the result of PLGSP output 14. The training support to elected representatives and officials to understand the LGs planning process, SDG localization, budgeting, understanding of LGs crosscutting issues. The practical session held and capacitate LGs representatives and officials on LGs planning process, 7 steps of plans, LGs issues and challenges on planning. On this training, out of 20 participants, 10 LGs representatives and 9 LGs officials participants participated in 1st time and one LG officials has received such training in the past. He is participated for refresher.



  • To achieve the result of output 14.
  • To empower the LGs representatives and officials for delivery the high-quality service.
  • To train the LGs representatives and officials on 7 step planning process under local government operational act 2074.
  • To Support LGs on common understanding regarding planning process.
  • Focused on cross cutting issues of LGs and provide technical ideas on incorporate the cross cutting issues in planning and budgeting.
  • To orient on SDG localization process in planning. Support to develop the common understanding on SDG and its localization. SDG localization is very important for all layers of government for economic prosperity.
  • Develop the common understanding on how to make annual plan on the basis of periodic plan.
  • To make forum for share best practice and experience among participants so that they can replicate.

Outputs Delivered:

Total 20 LGs representatives and officials received the quality training on local level planning process and budgeting. Participants well known on LGs cross cutting issues, discussion held on the planning related LGs issues and challenges and share the lesion learnt on it.

Detail of training participant: The two days residential training was conducted in province training center Kalwalguri Jhapa. The accommodation management is managed in Hotel Aani with pick and drop facility from hotel to training center.  The training is planned for government officers and elected representatives of Jhapa, Sunsari and Morang districts. Total 20 Participants participated on this training. which organized by Provincial Training Center, Jhapa.

Training Venue: Province Training Center, Kalwalguri Jhapa

Remarks and suggestion

The chairperson of opening session Mr. Ganesh Prasad Timsina (Director of Province Training Center) share their experience on important of planning for local development. He focused that without having a better planned we could not achieve desirable goals. This is the right time to provide the planning process training to LGs. This training will support to LGs representatives on planning and budget preparation.

Remarks from Deputy Mayor Ms. Laxmi Bhandari: The objective of the training is good. This training supports LGs representatives and officials on smart planning. She gives the suggestion to Province Training Center to organize such training for LGs chairpersons and Mayors too.

Remarks from vice chairperson Ms. Ratna Kumari Rajbansi: The planning process training is very practical. This training helps the LGs representatives to understand the planning process of LGs. She feels that such training is important but we received it delay. Our almost time period is finished and only a year is remaining. If we received such training at beginning, we do better. Although it is fine.

Planning officer Bibek Bhandari, Himraj Sedai, Ajay Kuram Gautam and Rajendra Parajuli share their training reflection. The training supports to understanding on planning process and cross cutting issues of LGs. They feel that this training is planned in right time. The planning process is just started and It supports LGs for further upcoming planning process. 


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