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PPC Meeting of Bagmati Province

PPIU Bagmati Province conducted one day orientation program on 13 January 022  in the presence of honorable chief minister Rajendra Prasad Pandey. Main objective of the meeting were to review of the progress update of PLGSP program and briefing on Innovative partnership fund (IPF) implementation guideline. Program was run by the province secretary and provincial program director of PLGSP Scheme Shrestha initiated with a welcome speech. Session facilitated by Amrit Shrestha, administrative officer of governance reform section. He presented the brief introduction of PLGSP program and described overall progress of PLGSP program at Bagmati province till date. He highlighted the role of various committee including PCC committee as design in PLGSP program document.

Next session was of Innovative Partnership Fund (IPF) implementation guideline which was just approved by MoFAGA. Facilitator presented the detail of guideline including objective, governing principal, evaluation criteria, cost sharing mechanism and some example of innovative projects. PPD requested to participants for their view, feedback and suggestion over the presented material. Chairperson of NARMIN Bharat KC, acting chief secretary Yamlal Bhusal and Province secretary Binod Bhattarai have raised the question over the guideline authentication and selection criteria of innovative projects. Gopi K. Khanal, National program director of PLGSP program has responded the issues and queries of members.

Finally, Chief Minister raised up the value of this PLGSP program. Going forward, he will study whole document of IPF and within the week call next meeting for final endorsement.



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