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Provincial Coordination Committee (PCC) meeting chaired by Honorable Chief Minister  Rajendra Prasad Pandey was organized on 7th April 2022 (24 Chaitra, 2078) at meeting hall, OCMCM, Bagamati Province, Hetauda. Representatives from OCMCM, PPIU, secretaries from provincial line ministries, members of IPF Technical Committee and PCC members participated in the program. The main objective of the PCC meeting was to update on the progress of PLGSP, approve the full proposals recommended by the IPF technical Committee received from municipalities and approve the PLGSP’s activities proposed for FY 2079/80 to be implemented through PPIU and PCGG. Program was run by the province secretary and provincial program director (PPD) Scheme Shrestha with a welcome speech and presented the overall process achieved till date of PLGSP. With the progress  update sharing, IPF was discussed in the session. PPD presented the IPF selection process adapted by now since initial notice publication for concept note, selection of concept notes for calling full proposals to its selection and approval. PPD shared that a total of 27 Concept Notes were submitted by LGs out of which 10 Concept notes were selected for full proposal. IPF technical committee reviewed the 10 full proposals received from LGs based on IPF guideline and recommended for approval of IPF projects (evaluation scores) from PCC meeting. The background and objectives of all 10 proposals submitted by LGs with the final evaluation scores was shared in the meeting by IPF expert Bipin Kandel. With the interactive discussion, the PCC meeting decided to approve 8 proposals out of 10 proposals based on the evaluation scores. Following the IPF discussion, the activities proposed for FY 2079/80 of PPIU and PCGG was shared by PPD. Finally, the PCC meeting concluded with following agreed decision and closing speech by Honorable Chief Minister  Rajendra Prasad Pandey .

i. The meeting acknowledged the IPF proposal selection process and approved 8 full proposals out of 10 proposals submitted by LGs considering the evaluation scores by IPF technical committee.

ii. The decision of 8 approved IPF projects to be endorsed in cabinet meeting of Bagamati province for the approval of IPF budget release as per the Provincial law (niyamawoli).

iii. Approval of activities proposed for FY 2079/80 of PLGSP.

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