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Training Summary Report

Public Procurement Management for PGs officials

Date: 27-29, April 2022, Itahari, Sunsari

Under the ASIP plan of PCGG province-1, PCGG Jhapa planned the 7 demand-based training events for the fiscal year 2078/079. Firstly, The Province Training Center collected the demand of province Governance by conducting meetings with concerned officials. On the basis of the demand and need of Province Government officials PCGG, Jhapa organized the 2 (two) slots of public procurement management training for the Ministries officials who have been involved in the procurement unit.

The training was organized in Itahari, Sunsari by Provincial Training Center, Province 1, where a total of 14 participants in group "Ka" and 16 participants in group "kha" of PGs officials. The event was planned for capacitating to account officers, engineers, and administration section officials of PGs and subordinate offices of PGs.

For this training, PCGG collected the name list of concerned officials for this training from the Province Governments. The training was started on 27 April 2022 in two slots and completed on 29 April 2022. Out of 30 participants, 16 are in group one and 14 are in group two.  The training was facilitated by quality facilitators Mr. Ghanashya Khanal, former director of PPMO, Keshabraj Acharya, freelancer (Engineering background) facilitated the sessions. The training content is prepared by a Curriculum Development Expert with the coordination and support of PPMO.  The training content was finalized by PTC and facilitated accordingly.

 In this training, participants were facilitated in different 12 sessions like the concept of public Procurement, Public Procurement Plan and Master plan, Methods and Process of Public Procurement, Legal provision, practice, and act, regulations, Contract management, and Purchasing consulting services etc. The participants actively participated in theoretical and practical sessions where they practiced issues and challenges during the procurement process.   

Mr. Bishnu Kumar Karki-Executive Director of Province Training Centre (PCGG), Kalwalguri chaired the opening ceremony and inauguration of the three days training programme by lighting the Panas. Mr Avay Kumar Gupta welcome to participants with his opening remarks. The training objective clarifying by Ms. Anita Guragai LG Expert PLGSP/PCGG Jhapa. During the inauguration programme. Ms. Bidhya Gautam (Curriculum Development Expert) and Radhkrishna Khatiwada, Arun Siktel, and, Manoj Timsina from PTC Kalawalguri Jhapa supported to manage of the two slots of training. The training was managed in COVID friendly environment, every day, a couple of training started from 9:00 AM and it completed at 5:00 PM.


  • To enhance the knowledge and skill of Procurement units/officials and make systematic the procurement process.
  • Discussed on Procurement act and rules along with issues and practical problems during the procurement process.
  • To capacitate concerned officials regarding the procurement act and rules so that support to minimize the irregularity of public property/government resources.
  • To develop the skill of government officials for fiduciary risk reduction.
  • To make a common understanding of the procurement process by sharing issues and the best practices during procurement process.

Outputs Delivered:

  • Total 13 Province Ministries and subordinate office officials received quality training on public procurement management. 30 Participants well known in Public Procurement Management concept, process, act, regulation, legal provision. Proactively discussed the issues, challenges, and practical problems during the public procurement process.

Detail of training participant:

The 3 days non-residential training was conducted in Itahari, Sunsari. Total 40 participants were invited and only 30 participated in two slots of training.  The training was planned for account officers, engineer and administrative officers of province ministries, and subordinate offices of province ministries.






















Group Ka











Group Kha

Training Venue: Maa Kamakhya Hotel Triyuga, Itahari, Sunsari

Remarks and suggestion

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Bishnu Kumar Karki (Executive Director) Chaired the program. He shared the importance of public procurement management training among all officials of PGs. He also said that Province Training Centre is not new for us, but due to limited resources it could not coverage around the working areas. Now, The Province Training Centre, Kalawalguri trying to provide the service and Capacity Development activities to Province Governments and Local Governments with the support of MoFAGA. In the line, Mr. Avay Kumar Gupta did welcome participants in the three days training. Local Government Expert Ms. Anita Guragain briefed about the background, introduction, working areas, and procedure of the Province Training Centre. She also briefed the objectives of the Public Procurement Management Training.


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