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Bagmati province has organized two days Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) orientation to 12 GESI focal people (8 women 4 men) of provincial ministries and institutions. The orientation was organized for the officers of provincial ministries who were selected as a GESI focal person in their ministry/institutes.

On this workshop, 6 different sessions were conducted such as conceptual understanding on GESI, GESI mainstreaming, national and international efforts/practices on GESI, Gender responsive budgeting, GESI in local government operational act, province’s provision and practices on GESI etc. Honourable chief secretary Dr. Hari Prasad Lamsal, office of chief ministry and ministry council, Dr. Man Bahadur BK, chief secretary of Bagmati province, Ms. Radhika Aryal, Secretary, Bagmati province, Ms. Indira Ojha, Social development ministry, Bipana Dhimal and Kirti Thapa from PLGSP programme has facilitated the sessions.

In the ending of the orientation, GESI focal person prepared their action plan and shared their commitments which were; develop GESI profile of Bagmati province, conduct GESI audit in ministries, develop GESI strategy of provincial government, select GESI focal person in local level, advocate for GESI friendly infrastructure, regular meeting and coordination with GESI focal people etc.

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