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First round of the Inter-governmental Coordination and Collaboration Workshop is organized by the Provincial Center for Good Governance (PCGG) of Bagmati Province has been started from Chitwon today. The second and third round of the Workshop will be organized at Lalitpur and Dhulikhel respectively. The participants of the first round of the workshop are the District Coordination Officer (DCO) and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Local Level of the Chitwon, Nuwakot, Dharding and Makwanpur. Altogether, 46 CAOs and 4 DCO are participating in the workshop.

During the two days’ workshop, the participants will be expected to capacitate on various inter-governmental issues and contents including the fiscal federalism, inter-governmental governance, sharing of the approved budget and program of the provincial ministry to be implemented in the LL and the different practices and aspects of the public service delivery focusing to the LL. 

The inauguration session of the workshop has been inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Kumar Dallakoti, Chief of the District Coordination Committee Office, Chitwon. On the occasion, Mr. Narayan Ban, Mayor of the Ratnanagar Municipality, Mr. Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, Chief District Officer (CDO) of Chitwon and Mr. Prem Raj Joshi, Chief Administrative Officer of the Bharatpur Metropolitancity espress their welcome remarks during the inauguration program. The Inauguration program has chaired by the Dr. Hari Prasad  Lamsal, Secretary of the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of the Minister of the Bagmati Province and the entire program has facilitated by Mr. Dipendra Subedi, Executive Director of the PCGG.  

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