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Training summary of GIS Application and Data Visualization in web-GIS Training

Venue: Itahari, Sunsari

Training Date: 30 Nov-2 December 2021


Back ground

The Province and Local Government Support Programme, Province Center Good Governance/PTC Jhapa organized 3 days GIS application and data visualization in web-GIS training to ICT official. The event is planned under output 14. The programme is planned as per the PASIP work plan 2021/2022. The event started from 30 November and completed 2nd December 2021. The objective of the training was to capacitate IT officers on GIS application and data visualization process. This is the demand base training. Those officers whom showed their high interest on participation was invited in the training. Total 20 IT officers was invited on this training and 15 were participated. The GIS application and data visualization training supports to IT officers to use the GIS application on LGs effective annual and periodic planning, monitoring and programming, land utilization mapping and resource allocations. This training helps IT offices to uplift the personal career too. 

The duration of the training was 3 days residential and it was organized in Hotel Triyuga  Itahari. For this training, PTC /PCGG managed the quality facilitators from Kathmandu. whom provided the quality training. The training participants thanks to PCGG/PTC for providing quality training.

The training management and facilitation support provided by Mr. Balram Sharma Capacity Development export, Niraj Dahal IT expert and PTC team.

The inauguration programme organized. The welcome speech and objective of the training clarifies by CD Expert Mr. Balram Sharma, Team leader Ms. Anita Guragai chaired the programme. The chairperson closed the opening ceremony with giving her valuable suggestion and remarks.


  • Capacitate IT officers on Digital Mapping Techniques, Modeling and Geo Database.  Introduction to GIS, Familiarization and Setup GIS application.  
  • To achieve the result of PCGG/PLGSP under outcome 3 and output 14.1

Outputs delivered:

  • The training found fruitful, total 15 IT officers benefited from this training, The participants, received the quality training.

Detail of training participant: The three days residential training was organized in Itahari. Total 15 IT officers from 15 LGs was participated in the training.

Training Venue: Hotel Triyuga Itahari Sunasari

Remarks and suggestion

The closing ceremony, Team Leader Ms. Anita Guragai chair the programme. She shared the importance of GIS training and and its utilization in LGs. She suggested IT officers to apply the training knowledge in LG planning, resource mobilization, land use information and others. She replied that the training is very important to palika for preparation of periodic plan, resource mapping and it can use the other several thematic areas.  Training participant Mr. Umesh Dahal shared the training remarks. He said that PCGG provided the good opportunity to IT officers. it is important to IT officers for uplift their personal career growth. This training support to LGs on proper planning and resource mapping in local level.




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