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Training summary report of capacity development training to Office Assistants of Province ministries on work responsibility and Service delivery system

Date: 2-4 December 2021

Training Venue: Biratnagar

Back Ground:

The province training center (PCGG) Jhapa planned 7 events of demand-based training in ASIP 2021/2022.  Under those activities, capacity development training to Office Assistants of Province ministries on work responsibility and Service delivery system is one of them.   As per the request of office assistance of province ministries, the training was managed in Biratnagar. The objective of the training is to achieve the result of output 13. For this training, training needs assessment has been done, suggestions and feedback collection from different ministries and PCGG/PTC finalized the training event and training content.


Most of the office assistants of province ministries are temporary and they have not been educated as well and have less knowledge of their role and responsibilities. The staffs who are permanent are also have not received any capacity development training during this service period. So PCGG Jhapa organized the 3 days capacity development training for them.

The duration of the training was 3 days nonresidential and it was organized in hotel Asiatique, Biratnagar.  The PCGG has mobilized the officials from provincial ministries and related offices who provided quality training. The participants were thankful to PCGG for this wonderful training because this was their first capacity development training. The training management and facilitation support provided by Mrs. Bidhya Gautam Curriculum Development Expert and PTC team. The chairperson closed the opening and closing ceremony by giving his valuable remarks and suggestion.

The team leader Mrs. Anita Guragain chaired the inauguration of the training. The Curriculum Development Expert Mrs. Bidhya Gautam explained the objectives of the training and did welcome all participants in this program. Thus, the chairperson closed the opening ceremony by giving her valuable remarks and suggestions.  

Objectives: Provide the capacity development training to office Assistants of province ministries on work responsibilities and service delivery system.


Output delivered: The capacity development training was conducted to office assistants of province ministries was fruitful. A total of 23 participants received the training. This training is meaningful to participants because they are first time received such training in their service time. Participants thanks to PLGSP/PCGG and ministries for giving the opportunity to participate in this training. 

Details of training participants: The three days nonresidential was organized in Biratnagar. Total 23 office assistants from province ministries were participants in the training.

Training venue: Hotel Asiatique, Biratnagar

Remarks and suggestions:

At the opening ceremony, team leader Ms. Anita Guragai chair the programme. She shared the importance of this training. She also told that the behavior of the office assistant shows the whole management of the office. Thus, she focused that office assistants should have to enhance their skills and capacity regarding work responsibilities and service delivery. That’s why the PCGG Jhapa organized this training by collecting the needs of the ministries' staff. Training participant Mrs. Khuma Adhikari shared the training remarks. She said that PCGG/PLGSP provided a good opportunity for office assistants to receive such training. She again repeated that this was their first training in their service time.

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