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Interaction Programme among Provincial and Local Governments on Practice and Problems of Law formulation

Date: 17-18 Dec, 2021 (2-3 Paush, 2078)

An interaction programme was organized among provincial and local governments on practice and problems of law formulation at18 December, 2021 in Ghorahi, Dang. In the interaction programme, 109 LGs’ Mayor/Chairpersons, representatives from provincial (MoEAC, MoLWCS PPC, DCC Chair, ICTP, PTA-PCGG, Chief Attorney Office and other provincial ministries and offices, including federal agencies; NPC and MoF were participated. A total 183 participants included 13 women were participated in the programme. The programme was organized at hotel Mala Inn, Ghorai, Dang. In the interaction programme the Chief Minister of Lumbini chaired the programme and inaugurated the workshop.

There was organized the programme in four sessions that facilitated by Chief Attorney, Secretary-Law, Acting Principal Secretary and Joint Secretary (MoF). The sessions was focused on the law formulation, public financial management, infrastructure development and quality public service delivery.

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